Congregation Beth El, La Jolla, CA

Lehman researched images of antique ark curtains (parochets) made available by numerous Jewish Museums in Europe and America as well as extensive documentation of art from synagogues to capture the essence of 18th century artifacts in her contemporary version of a traditional design. She has abstracted vine and floral motifs typical of the period and added a phrase in Hebrew, translating to “Awesome is this house,” merging them visually to bring past history and present worship together in the starkly dramatic new sanctuary. 

A range of deep reds in the body and warm reds in the border  evoke the remembrance of blood in the Jewish people’s history. The motifs of vines and flowers  refer to the many roads and interwoven journeys that the Jewish people have traveled over the centuries. 


The commission for the ark curtain (known as a parochet) came from Congregation Beth El in La Jolla, CA and is the focal point of their new sanctuary...

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