Fiber Videos

Monique is intervieved by the international television programs and  creates her own documentaries from the art exhibits. She also makes her own artistic textile videos which are published on Vimeo.

Interview with Monique for Polish TV:,2064,n/corka-papcia-chmiela-jedna-z-zon-hollywood,225152.html


About Monique - żony Hollywood - TVN:

Pulsar embroidery visual creation by Monique:

Monique in her studio

Tapestry weaving from HGTV, Carol Duvall show


Biennale Celebration, China, filmed and edited by Monique


China artists exhibiting in Poland during Triennale

filmed and edited by Monique

Splendor of Textiles in Zacheta, Warsaw

Izabela Wyrwa artwork
filmed and edited by Monique

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